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Holy Wednesday - 08/04/2015

Arrival at Thessaloniki International Airport “Macedonia”. The head of Public Relations of our company with an interpreter and security staff will welcome you in the arrivals hall to lead you directly to the top hotel of the new millennium, "Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki" with our luxurious and fully equipped vehicles. During the route, we will offer you welcome drinks and a set for your freshen-up. The company’s guide – interpreter will be in advance at the hotel, we will make the procedure for immediate check - in and we will give you a mini tour of the hotel. Subsequently, you will be guided to your luxury room. A full traveling documentation will be given to you and we will explain in details each day of the program. When you settle in and upon request, we will wait for you in order to transfer you to the center of the fascinating hometown with our company’s cars. Thessaloniki is a very beautiful city with great history, which spreads for centuries. A ride around the city will amaze you and you will have the opportunity to discover its hidden aspects. The first stop will be at the square of Freedom, where our tour begins. We will walk towards Tsimiski, the keystone of the city and main shopping street where you can do your private shopping, with the aid of the interpreter, in the luxury shops of global firms. Continue to much frequented Aristotle Square, which is located in the heart of the city and is a milestone for Thessaloniki’s citizens. It is considered one of the biggest and most impressive squares in Greece overlooking Thermaikos Gulf, while it may be visible the Mount Olympus when the sky is limpid. You will taste freshly baked cakes and buns from the famous patisserie, “Terkenlis”. We continue our stroll to the seaside town with the amazing view of Thermaikos Gulf and we reach the city’s landmark, the White Tower, one of the best-known buildings – symbols of the cities in Greece. It has 6 floors, 30 meters height and 70 meters perimeter. Our final stop is the statue of Alexander the Great, the King of Macedon. Our vehicles will wait for you to be directed to the gourmet restaurant “Votsalo” which is characterized as the ornament of Greek gastronomy in the city. Return at the hotel for relaxing moments and rejuvenation with the innovative spa of the hotel, which disposes many treatments from around the world. Buffet at the hotel. We renew our meeting for the next day, saying goodnight.

Holy Thursday - 09/04/2015

Breakfast at the hotel. When you are ready we will depart from Thessaloniki to the beautiful Corfu. We will go to the Port of Igoumenitsa with our vehicles and we board on the ship to Corfu. Disembarkation at the port of Corfu and departure for the luxurious and recently renovated hotel of "Corfu Mare Boutique Hotel", with the astonishing view in the Ionian Sea. The interpreterof our company will be there in advance and all the procedures for check – in have already been completed. Lunch will be offered at the hotel’s restaurant. Once ready, we depart for the center of Corfu Town which is just a few minutes distance from the hotel. The walk begins from the green square of Spianada, the largest square in Greece and Balkans, where the social events of Corfu are taking place there. The enchanting scenery with blooming almonds, the pigeons that are flying around and the Liston square will amaze you from the first sight… In Liston square there are enough café and restaurants, in large roofed arcades with beautiful arches that constitute the most appealing attraction for visitors. We proceed to the imposing and majestic Palace of St. Michael and St. George and we go up to the mansion Kapodistria, which is situated in a superb location in Mouragia, with the incredible sea view. Return to the heart of the city, where is discerned the festive atmosphere. We may have a stop in Liston for café and we move on to the old fortress of Corfu, which is an architectural masterpiece of fortification art of both the Byzantine and the Venetian era. We will go to the bridge over the artificial ditch, Kontra Fossa, that has turned the old fortress of Corfu into an island. A small harbor, Mandraki, is located under the bridge while the ditch that surrounds the old fort is nowadays a safe anchorage for the fishing boats. During our walk, we will use tunnels and galleries and we end up in the ramparts of the fort, where the city’s view in combination with the blue Ionian Sea will amaze you. Return at the city’s center and we will be directed towards the most wonderful square of the city, Town Hall Square. In Duomo, the Catholic Cathedral of the Town Hall Square you will attend one of the Easter customs. The faithful will light 12 candles and blow out a candle when each Evangelion finishes. Whenever you want, you will enjoy an excellent dinner at the “Town Hall restaurant” which not only has a modern gastronomy but also maintains respect for the tradition. It is awarded with reports in both Greek and foreign press, this is where the Venetian influences meet the Greek Mediterranean taste. Return at the hotel when desired.

Holy Friday – 10/04/2015

Rich breakfast at the hotel. Today we will begin with a small trip to the mountain village Gastouri, where the famous Palace Achillion is located. Even before entering in the Achillion, you will feel the grandeur of the Palace, from the very first moment, coming in view of the first statues and sculptures. We will have a tour in the imposing and majestic palace of the Princess Elizabeth, which is dedicated to Achilles. After your tour in the palace, we will return in the center of Corfu and you will be guided towards the old fort. You will enjoy your lunch at the restaurant of “yacht club”, with sea view. You will find out a variety of selected dishes of Greek and International cuisine, marine snacks and fresh fish. When you finish up your lunch, if you wish, we may follow the imposing Epitaph that begins from the church of St. George, in the old fort. You will have the opportunity to admire all the churches that will have put out their Epitaphs, until the evening, with the participation of the band of each parish. The last one is the Epitaph of Mitropolis. Each epitaph is accompanied by choir, as a mark of mourning. In the evening you will attend in Mouragia the procession of the Epitaph of Metropolis. When desired, return at the hotel. A rich festive dinner will wait for you (meatless upon request). We wish you good night and we renew our meeting for the next day.

Holy Saturday – 11/04/2015

Breakfast at the hotel. This day is the culmination of the Easter celebration and the customs of Corfu will be unforgettable for you. Early departure so as to observe the procession of the Epitaph of the church of St. Spyridon. Then, we will walk to the overcrowded square and we will await the first Christ’s resurrection. Once the service in Mitropolis finishes, the bells ring and the citizens of Corfu throw down large clay pots (the bόtides) full of water to smash on the street pavement. This custom is influenced by the Venetians, who used to throw old pottery items from their windows in New Years day. Once the “bótides” commotion is over, the bands parade the clay-strewn streets playing the festive march. A rich festive lunch will be offered in the central restaurant “Rex”, which is established in 1932. You will taste the finest cuisine of the restaurant in an elegant and pleasant environment, which is decorated with watercolors by Th. Kentarhos (artist of Corfu), in which is depicted the beauty spot of Corfu. After your lunch, we return at the hotel in order to relax and enjoy the spa services. In early evening, we depart for the center of the city, in the Spianada’s upper square, where the resurrection service is taken place. With the first sounds of bells, an impressive feast begins, that includes drum sounds and thousands of fireworks. In the end of the Resurrection service, the bands head towards the streets of the city, playing cheerful music escorted by the crowd. Dinner will be offered at any restaurant you prefer. The feast has just begun and is continued up to the morning hours.

Easter Sunday – 12/04/2015

Rich festive breakfast. Departure for the Corfu’s center, where the festive atmosphere is visible all around. You will attend the Easter celebration of the naval station of Corfu in the new fortress, continuing the tradition and giving fun, pleasure with the dance groups and the rich snacks. Following, departure for the wonderful coastal area of Kommeno. A lunch will be given to you at the restaurant “Pelagos”, which is synonymous with the high quality in taste and service as well. In the afternoon of Easter Sunday you will have the opportunity to watch in Garitsa the procession of the Resurrection icon. After that, we will have a walk in the picturesque and romantic church of Panagia of Vlachernon and you will admire the view of the famous “Pontikonisi”. Then, we will go by car in Kato Korakiana, where is situated the well – known restaurant “Etrusco”. His owner, Ektoras Bodrini, is one of the best chefs in Greece, , whose restaurant in 2007 – 2008 has taken a distinction among the 100 best restaurants in the world. You will enjoy a delicious dinner in an ideal environment, which is enclosed by a lush garden, where the chef is providing ultimate quality of selected raw materials of vegetables, flowers and fruits that characterizing his menu. When you want, departure for the hotel otherwise you may see if the luck is on your side in the Casino Corfu.

Easter Monday – 13/04/2015

Breakfast at the hotel. We travel by boat for the port of Igoumenitsa, where our vehicles will wait for you to go to Thessaloniki, in the hotel "Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki". Upon you settle in to your luxury rooms and when desired, we will go to the “B” restaurant, where the taste is converted into art, combined with high design and an exquisite environment. The rest day is free to be formulated as you wish. Needless to say that the vehicles, the interpreter and the responsible for the public relations department will be at your disposition, if you want. Buffet at the hotel.

Easter Tuesday – 14/04/2015

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure for Thessaloniki’s International Airport, accompanied by our collaborators. Upon your arrival at the airport, our people will complete the procedure of checking – in. The security staff will be near you, discreetly until the security point – passport control. We wish you goodbye and we will offer you gifts. We are sure that this fantastic Easter in Corfu will be memorable for you and our services will bring you back to us!

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